Neve Cavanagh

Trainer Introduction

Neve Cavanagh

Hi, I’m Neve! I’m a personal trainer here at F1rst Class Fitness. My love of exercise can be described simply as loving movement. A sedentary lifestyle can create a whole whirl wind of problems, so as long as you’re getting up and moving you’re on the right track.
My favourite form of training is functional; deadlifts, squats, overhead movements, all of which can be translated for everyday lifestyle; sitting down, picking up a child, putting the washing on the line. Training to get rid of pain and make life easier is super important for me and my clients, as well as body composition, fat loss and muscle gain goals. I strive to create not only a training program, but also an environment where we can all celebrate our accomplishments and feel supported throughout our journey in health and fitness.

History & Qualifications
Cert III & IV in Fitness
Master Trainer Qualified
Specialises in weight loss & management, Tone and strengthening, Small Group Training and Female specific exercise
4 years gym experience

Studying physiotherapy, currently in my second year, has given me a very in-depth knowledge of anatomy and how our bodies work; which can be translated into programming to exactly match what you want to achieve. I’m passionate about what I do, and would love to show you what can be achieved if you’re committed.
I’m currently offering a free first session, so take the plunge, give me a call today. Can’t wait…


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