Keeley Wise

Trainer Introduction

Keeley Wise

Hey, I’m Keeley!

Dance and fitness has been my passion my entire life and growing up in a sporty family it’s all I have ever known. I began my fitness career 5 years ago as a group fitness instructor where I was able to fuse my background and knowledge of dance with fitness. I really love helping others to help them achieve their goals and change their lives to create better versions of themselves.

I am driven to share my knowledge and experience with my clients and together we can tackle whatever goals you have. Whether it be weight loss, muscle/strength gain, a lifestyle change or injury prevention and rehabilitation. There is no obstacle we can’t overcome.

You will never know unless you try. I would love to share your fitness journey with you.

History & Qualifications
Cert 3 & Cert 4 in Fitness & Personal Training
Certified Master trainer (Australian Institute of Fitness)



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