Katie Clair

Trainer Introduction

Katie Clair

Hi I am Katie. I have been working as a fitness coach for the last 4 years and I find it to be very rewarding. Having an elite sporting background with Equestrian and a variety of other team sporting endeavours, I have been exposed to many injuries to both myself and team mates. Because of this exposure, I understand the importance of rehab and prehab training to get you back to moving pain free as soon as possible and doing all the physical activities you enjoy and enrich your lifestyle.

History & Qualifications
Cert 3 & Cert 4 in Fitness & Personal Training
Certified Group Facilitator for Performance
Level 2 Suspension Training
Level 1 Rehab Training
Certified Boxing Instructor

As a trainer, I personally love helping people grow their self-esteem and confidence. Whether through weight loss, strength training or a mentally challenging session, the positive energy you feel within yourself at the end of a session is such a massive reward for not only you but for me also.

Currently I am on a journey to help promote the benefits of exercise and movement. I am a firm believer that everybody needs personalised training that is truly personal as none of us are the same.

I welcome your call on the number below or check out my Instagram @ktpt91.  #getupandmove


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