Corinne McCosker

Trainer Introduction

Corinne Gray

I believe everyone is different and needs individual programming and attention. I can’t emphasise enough that we all have our own fitness journeys to take and it’s really important to me to help each and every one of my clients achieve both the achievable and the impossible! Personally I have transformed myself from a junk food queen into a fitter happier 25kg lighter person and I’m never looking back!

History & Qualifications
Cert III & IV in Fitness
Crank It Instructor
Punch Fit Boxing and Kickboxing Instructor
Specialises in weight loss & management, Tone and strengthening, Bootcamps and Competition Preparation
Sporting background in swimming, soccer and netball
6 years gym experience

My journey hasn’t been easy but it’s the road bumps and hard times that truly do (without sounding corny) make you stronger. I give a very determined and supportive attitude to my clients, continually motivating them to NEVER NEVER EVER give up! My style consists of a mixture between weights, cardio, metabolic training and any new influences that cross my path and prove to be beneficial. I love to keep it fresh but effective!
There are always new things to learn and there is always room for growth. My training style suits both men and women who are seeking weight loss, toning, or hypertrophy. Or if you are interested in going the hard yards and would love to do a body competition I would love to help get you stage ready! I might be tough but you will always leave with a sense of satisfaction and a smile!


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