Brittany Walters

Trainer Introduction

Brittany Walters

Hi I’m Britt! My passion for fitness dates back as far as I can remember with sporting endeavors playing a pivotal role in my development as a personal trainer. I feel as though through competing and coaching at a state level, I am now in a great position to guide people using my unique skills and expertise.

As a fitness professional, my aim is to find new and interesting ways to motivate and inspire others to make healthy lifestyle choices and enjoy real positive change. It has become apparent that through setting goals and training hard, whether its weight loss, toning or building muscle and strength, anything is possible and I take an unrelenting approach to helping you become the healthiest, strongest and most confident version of yourself. What makes me different to a lot of personal trainers out there in the fitness industry is I genuinely make your goals just as important as my own!

History & Qualifications
Cert 3 & Cert 4 in Fitness & Personal Training
Certified Master trainer
Certified Kettle Bell Instructor
Certified Boxing Instructor

Also, another difference you will notice with my personal training style is that I like to create a sense of community of like-minded individuals. Community is a great way to connect with those who share similar goals and a love for health and fitness. This can be highly motivating, and let’s face it, we can all do with a little extra motivation from time to time.

I look forward to you joining me on this journey.


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