Stressed? Overeating? Here’s how to stop.

Overeating is one of the biggest problems that people have to face on a daily basis. The struggle between wanting to get to a certain weight and wanting to eat a weeks worth of calories in a day is very real. Whether it’s overeating because of stress levels at work, or family troubles at home, it never ends well when access to the fridge and pantry is unlimited. Most people who deal with a lot of pressure and anxiety develop a complicated relationship with food. It tends to become an unhealthy form of ‘therapy’, which never really leaves us feeling any better than we did at the beginning of the binge.

It gets to a point when you need to make yourself accountable and be aware of how it makes you feel when you stress-eat before you do it. It could be legitimate hunger but there’s a good chance that at 9pm it’s more than likely your body interpreting the need for sugar as a nutritional deficiency. The reason behind why sugar is so bad for you is pretty basic. If the muscles are full, insulin will take the surplus blood sugar and store it in fat cells. In turn, with frequent insulin spikes comes insulin resistance, leading to more insulin production, more fat storage and more resistance, eventually going down the road of possible diabetes.

There’s a long list of possible conditions that can happen to the body when it’s fuelled by excess sugars and fats, and by now you definitely would have heard them all. In this sense, it’s almost as if we’re desensitized to it. There is not any shock factor anymore in reading that you MIGHT get diabetes or high cholesterol. Instead, the thought of putting on a few extra kilos and not looking your best in the bikini you bought for summer, is more threatening. It says a lot about society and the health and fitness industry’s priorities.

So how do you break the chain?

  • Instead of saying ‘I’m not eating anymore sugar’, tell yourself, you can have a ridiculously decadent treat. Quality over quantity. Go to the local bakery and get a chocolate croissant and savor every bite, slowly.


  • Learn to tell the difference between hunger and boredom or emotional stress. Take a moment before you chow down that 1-kilo tub of m&m’s and ask yourself if it’s really going to make you feel any better if you get to the bottom of that container?


  • Keep a daily reminder around yourself that keeps you on top of your nutritional goals. Whether it’s the wallpaper on your phone of a picture that makes you feel great about yourself or an alarm that goes off at snack time to say ‘Be consistent. You’re so much closer to a healthier and happier version of yourself. Don’t ruin it now’.


  • Make short-term goals like ‘eat one salad a day’ rather than ‘I will eat clean 24/7’. Humans are creatures of habit and once you kick the excess sugar one; it’ll become a hell of a lot easier to stay healthy in the long-term.


  • Make yourself accountable to someone who will give you the right kind of support and not taint the experience for you. Don’t pick someone who will pick at you for every mistake you make. Find someone who will encourage you to acknowledge the bad decisions and move onto healthier ones.


Making the first move away from overeating is all that’s left to do. Taking the first step into the unknown and finding the best way to maintain a healthy life isn’t always easy and at F1rst Class Fitness, we understand it all too well. If it’s the only appointment you make this week, make it a free personal training session with one of our trainers and it’ll be the best thing you do!


– FCF Team