Our Team In Action at FCF

Watch our team in action as we demonstrate workouts you can do yourself at home or next time you visit FCF. Let us educate you in health and fitness, inspire you and help you find the motivation to get out there and be the best version of yourself possible.

At F1rst Class Fitness, we see it as our mission to reach and help as many people as possible to live happy, healthy and fulfilled lives through exercise. That’s why we spend many hours each week, and we have done so for twelve months now, creating entertaining video content for our members and non-members alike.

Here is a little taste of some of our work. For more, go to our Facebook page through the link below:

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f1rst class fitness

Located in Brisbane’s CBD at 480 Queen Street, F1rst Class Fitness is a family owned business that was established in 2008. F1rst Class Fitness is a place for everyone regardless of your age, shape, size or ability. We provide a fun, energetic, vibrant atmosphere with an experienced, friendly team who are dedicated to motivate every member to be the best they can be. F1rst Class Fitness will help you achieve your goals, whether it is to lose weight, build muscle, improve muscle tone or increase your fitness level.

If you have liked what you’ve seen, why don’t you come in and experience the F1rst Class difference for yourself..?