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When exercise enters the picture, we’re triggered somehow into believing we suddenly need to get into better shape. It might have been that pair of jeans fitting way too tightly, the beach holiday we just booked, or even the doctor telling us we have a serious health concern.

Whatever the trigger might be to get fit, we know we have a problem, so we get focused, devise a plan, gather our running shoes and start sweating it out. The 20 minute sessions on the stepper that grows to 40 minutes, high intensity group classes, weights, altitude training, whatever it is, we get into it! However, invariably our motivation wanes and within the 8 weeks or so, most of us have thrown in the towel and have resorted back to our old ways. Giving up means our best intentions of a firmer and healthier body are never realised.

Myzone Training

Based on years of experience in the fitness industry, F1rst Class Fitness knows that the solution is not inspirational music or listening to self-help podcasts. The answer is understanding the human reward system and playing into it. Simply put, as humans, we need feedback and instant gratification to be stimulated to continually strive toward successful outcomes. Without reward, without a sense of gaining something, why would you want to do anything?

The reason we use MYZONE here at F1rst Class Fitness is because it tracks every ounce of effort you put into exercise by the beat of your heart. This data is then used in a very simple point system, called MEPS (MYZONE Effort Points), to give users a sense of satisfaction, achievement and most importantly a real physical challenge. It ensures all your effort is rewarded.

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MYZONE doesn’t measure speed, cadence, or weight lifted. It does measure the effort put in and levels the playing field so that beginner effort can be comparable with the effort exerted by advanced trainers.

Also, the MYZONE system easily integrates with other technology. It’s able to sync with cardio equipment at our gym, 3rd party smartphone apps, and even able to connect to your favourite bike computer or sync with Apple Health. One of the key benefits of MYZONE is that it has a memory chip, so if you want to forget your phone, it’s ok! Go running, horse riding for the afternoon and let your belt count every beat! Hassle-free.

Most importantly, MYZONE gives real time feedback during each workout to encourage effort in the moment via in-gym monitors or your smartphone. The MYZONE smartphone app then stores that data in the form of a logbook. This helps you set and attain goals. To enhance the sense of satisfaction, this technology also enables you to compete with friends at F1rst Class Fitness and outside the gym and to communicate for fun and encouragement. Social sharing, leader boards, and community add real power to the motivational forces you can expect from MYZONE.

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