Keep It Simple & Get Results.

Keep It Simple & Get Results.

You want to lose weight. You want to improve your cardio fitness. You want to get more toned. You’d love to be able to squat 100kg. You’d love to be able to run 5k. You want to be able to train 6 times a week. You’d also like to be able to eat out when you can (healthy option, of course).

Trust me when I say, as fitness professionals, we have heard it ALL…at once! And we honestly feel for you. We absolutely, 100%, understand the frustration you feel when you realise how many things you can improve and have access to. Most of us have been in your exact position, trying to figure out which route to follow and who’s opinion to listen to; It’s so overwhelming and whether you care to admit it or not, it’s bloody hard.

You are all individuals, which means you all require different amounts of macro and micronutrients, different forms of training and recovery times. So when you decide to work on your body, it gets scientific – it’s a science that isn’t easy because it takes a substantial amount of patience and dedication by you depending on how much you want it. Any good coach will tell you from the beginning that lasting results take time and this isn’t just because fad diets come and go, it’s because it is genuinely a process of trial and error.

It will take you a little longer than you’d hoped for to get in tune with your body and recognise . This means it’ll take time to recognise why YOUR body is losing muscle when you drop excess fat and you’re in a calorie deficit. And why YOUR body loses muscle when you’re doing HIIT training twice a day and no strength training.

Get back to the basics. You will always come out on top by keeping it simple. Keep your workouts simple, keep your food simple by allowing yourself only whole foods. I cannot stress enough that consistent practice creates consistent results. There is no benefit in doing three different exercise programs at once, your body will be constantly running at 60% instead of 100. Pick something you want to work on for a few months and then change it up if you want, there’s no stopping that, but when you start something, commit to it and finish it.

Not to discourage but rather to inspire you to continue, it has taken me around 4 years to figure out what works for me; something that keeps my weight down but increases my muscle mass. It seems like a long time but over this time I’ve tried different things and I’ve finally gotten to a point where I understand what I ENJOY and what works for me when it comes to both food and exercise. I can’t stand this whole mindset of ‘just get up and move, do whatever you have to, forget about feeling tired, push through it’. Quite frankly, it’s stupidity. Listen to your body and find a form of training that gets you excited to workout because you know what’s more fun than variety? Progress. Progress is crazy fun. Find training that, even on your long days after work, you’re still keen to get done; it exists, I promise.

My body runs better on moderate carbs and heavy strength training. Don’t get me wrong, if I incorporated a bit of cardio here and there, my body composition would definitely change but for the time being, I’m happy with where I am because my goal is to press a heavy weight overhead and whether you can see any abs popping is completely irrelevant to my goal.

As a gym, we like to think we can provide something for everyone which is why we provide 8 Week Challenges and personalised Group Fitness Classes for those whose goal is fat loss and Lift Squad for those of you out there who want to build strength. Take advantage of these but commit to one at a time, commit to either losing weight, maintaining or gaining muscle. You’ll find the results a lot more satisfying at the end of it.

Goodluck and enjoy the ride!

-F1rst Class Fitness Representative