Gym vs. iPhone

We’ve all heard it before; ‘there’s an app for everything’. It’s true. There is an app that makes stapler sounds every ten clicks. That’s it. Stapler sounds. So it’s not hard to believe that someone out there in this great big world has created an app for fitness freaks. It only makes sense too as it’s 2015 and everyone wants to have things yesterday by spending as little money as possible and exerting the minimum amount of energy along the way. With that being said, there are roughly fifty million* (*not a researched fact) apps that’ll get you off the couch and running five kilometers in a matter of weeks…apparently.

We’re not here to rain on anyone’s parade but we are here to hopefully help you make informed choices and be realistic about your health and fitness goals. Hectic schedules and money are the most common ‘excuses’ when it comes to joining a gym or searching for a good personal trainer. So to make our lives easier we turn to technology, hoping it can pull through for us this one time and offer a quick, easy and cheap method to lose weight and be able to run a half-marathon within five weeks. So without a moment’s hesitation we swiftly punch in our Apple store password and make a silent vow to ourselves that we’ll start tomorrow…

Tomorrow never comes and we’re back into the everyday routine. If you do, however, turn out to be one of the few that can stay motivated by the soothing monotone sounds of Siri’s long-lost cousin then well done and keep it up! It is a great way to be able to track your progress and give you a day-by-day program. I think I speak for the majority when I say if a lady was suggesting I run for the next two minutes through my headphones, I’d probably shrug my shoulders and mumble through my shallow and asthmatic sounding breaths something along the lines of ‘I’ll start in another minute, ok?!’. This is why I now have a personal trainer.

Accountability. It’s something we don’t do for ourselves often enough. We don’t keep ourselves accountable for how we treat our bodies and what we’re fuelling them with. The difference between committing to two half-hour personal training sessions and your iPhone is that you have to actually call your trainer and tell them the last episode of Game of Thrones is so much more important than your health and well being.

Not only will they keep you on the right track, they’re called ‘personal’ trainers for a reason. Everyone knows exactly what that means; a perfectly tailored program designed to help you get the best results in the quickest amount of time. When it’s made to sound so simple and straightforward it’s so difficult to understand why most people can’t justify investing in this aspect of their health.

All in all, it’s safe to say that we’re all different and everyone responds better to different training methods, so don’t put yourself in a box and get frustrated if one doesn’t work for you! Try something else. Your options are almost endless.

– FCF Team