Benefits Of Training With a Buddy

9 reasons why you need a training buddy

Workout with a Friend and get BETTER results

It’s easy to get caught up in the idea of training with your friends because it really does seem like such a great idea in theory but how many times have you actually decided to go to the gym together instead of trying out the Urban Lists’ best donut places? Everyone thrives off support whether it’s from friends, family or your personal trainer. We all appreciate the encouraging words from someone close to us so here are 9 of our favourite reasons why you really need to BYO mate or a date to your next sesh.


You know why girls go to the bathroom together? To talk…and go to the bathroom. Mostly to talk though, because multi-tasking is the way of the future. It’s all about getting things done and getting them done efficiently. What better setting to catch up with your best mate than during a weekly workout or personal training session? Find out all the office gossip in the safety of the weights room and you’ll have saved yourself more time on the weekend for more important things!


It is the number one reason most people find a great personal trainer; Accountability. Bringing someone along who knows how to get the best out of you is going to be a benefit for everyone involved. It’s easy to do a couple less reps when you’re training by yourself but if you’ve got your other half counting after you said you’d do 12 and only do 8, you’re going to have to come up with a worthy explanation quick smart.


Competition. Show me someone who doesn’t like a good healthy competition and I’ll show you a liar. Ok, maybe there are people out there who don’t work well under pressure so the idea of competing for a winning time on the rower sounds about as exciting as getting a bad batch of Indian take-out. But creating a level of rivalry always helps to push people to perform their best.


You’ll be able to afford a personal trainer! PT’s do 2-on-1 sessions that still keep things tailored to your fitness goals all the while, making things a little bit cheaper for you and your friend. It’s a great way to get personalised sessions and stay on budget for the week so you can still afford your obscene coffee habit.


If you’re thinking about bringing your partner, do it. It’ll make improving your diet to a healthy one a hell of a lot easier. When you’re both eating the same foods, you don’t have to worry about the temptation of watching them eat a family-sized block of chocolate while you chow down on your brown rice and veggies.


They’re counting on you as much as you’re counting on them. When there are weights involved, everyone needs a little bit of a helping hand every now and then whether it’s to spot or get some tips on their form. Having another set of eyes on you while you’re lifting heavy things is never going to be a bad thing.


Keep things interesting. Everyone has different ways they like to keep fit. Yours might be running, your friend might prefer boxing and your partner might enjoy pilates. It all counts and mixing things up can only benefit your body by keeping it guessing!


You’ll get more organised. When you have to organise a time with someone at least once a week to make sure you’re both doing what you said you’d do, you’ll end up actually making plans and sticking to them (and getting fit and healthy in the process!).


It’s fun! You’ll be more relaxed, more comfortable and just generally be more excited to workout which is what everyone needs now and again.