8 Science-Backed Weight Loss Tips

8 Science-Backed Weight Loss Tips

8 Science-Backed Weight Loss Tips

Losing weight can be hard, not just physically but mentally also. However, science is showing us what we have thought for a long time now.  When the body starts to lose considerable amounts of weight, it fights back by resisting change and doing everything it can to restore the weight. But despite the biological barriers, many of us are successful at losing weight and keeping it off, but the big question is how and why….

To help debug this topic, we have asked our weight loss experts at F1rst Class Fitness for their top weight loss tips and we have come up with 8 key areas for anyone wanting to lose weight and keep it off. Here are our top tips:

#1 Cut out soft drink altogether!

“Eliminate all sugary drinks from your diet, as they provide empty calories that don’t fill you up. There just isn’t a place for soft drinks at all, in my opinion! The problem is, the sugar can act on the liver and help to produce belly fat. When trying to lose weight, that’s not what we want!”

—Wayne Fahy – Personal Trainer

#2 Don’t focus too much on calories

“What you need to remember is that a calorie isn’t a calorie. The whole calorie in, calorie out approach really does fail us most of the time. Just think, a calorie of sugar will have a very different effect in your body compared to a calorie of protein… Also, focussing in on calories disregards how food affects our hormones and metabolism. My advice is to focus on food quality instead.”

—Josh Davies – Personal Trainer and FCF owner.

#3 Keep it simple

“The way I have been successful with my weight loss is to simplify things. Just make good food choices and get involved in regular moderate-to-vigorous physical activity every day. The challenge is how to actually accomplish that in an environment that seems to push us constantly in the wrong direction. The solution is to find out what works for you… Count steps, set small achievable goals, find a training partner… Just move more and eat cleaner, it’s as simple as that.”

—Gemma Cuskelly – Personal Trainer and FCF owner.

#4 Reconsider what you really want

“Forget about fitting in to someone else’s perfect… Aim to achieve and improve your health and fitness and reach your psychologically ‘happy weight,’ not an unrealistic ‘ideal’ that may be impossible to reach for most. The sooner you realise that, the better!”

—Brittany Walters – Personal Trainer

#5 Promise yourself you will change incrementally

“To be successful in weight loss, we need to have the focus and commitment of someone who is ready and willing to make some enduring changes in the way they live. A few high intensity sessions and food restriction can create short-term weight loss without a great deal of effort from the person, but this doesn’t allow for long-term weight loss. The secret strategy is to make incremental change… set small goals and achieve them. Make changes you can sustain for a day, a week, a month and the rest of your life.”

—Makayla Rodriguez – Personal Trainer

#6 Enjoy your food

“We eat food not only for survival but for enjoyment, right!? What you need is a plan that not only fulfils hunger but is also tasty so it does not feel like a diet. This is totally possible. The challenge is, hunger erodes willpower, and that’s the reason why most diets fail. Try to eat nutrient packed foods that taste amazing. They are out there, you just have to look.”

—Sebastian Russell-Sharam – Personal Trainer

#7 Gather support

“Get a training partner or a Personal Trainer….! Group influence is a powerful resource you can use to lose weight or make a change. Together, make small changes that stick and keep it positive. Encourage each other, be accountable and celebrate small wins.”

—Josh Davies – Personal Trainer and FCF owner

#8 All things in moderation

“A person can eat almost anything they want, but this choice of food quality and quantity must me matched or exceeded by physical activity. The best approach is to take a controlled approach to food intake. For example, eat dinner on a salad plate rather than a dinner plate to cut the portion size in half. Or, choose to eat salad and meat as opposed to pasta and sauce. These choices and this approach will make a massive difference to your weight loss in the long-run.”

– Anton Iaria – Personal Trainer

Although weight loss can be hard at times, it’s certainly not impossible. Use these 8 F1rst Class tips to fight those biological barriers and become the best version of you possible.

-The FCF Team