Candice King

Trainer Introduction

Candice King

With over 10 years experience in the Health and Fitness Industry, I have helped hundreds of people find the inspiration to lead a healthier lifestyle and have provided them with the knowledge and skills to live an active and fulfilling life. I enjoy training to keep a strong and mobile body, which helps me keep a strong and resilient mind. I believe in all applications of strength and encourage you to respect your body, manage your influence and take ownership of your outcomes in all areas of your life.
If you’re just starting out, starting over or searching for the next level, I invite you to sit down with me to discover your next steps.

History & Qualifications
B App. Sci. Human Movement (Exercise Physiology)
FMA Strength Coach (Level 2)
Precision Nutrition Coach (Level 1)
Thump Boxing Advanced Instructor
Australian Kettlebell Instructor
ISSN Sports Nutrition and Supplementation
Recomposition Coach (Registered and Insured)



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