Our Difference

Our approach, our philosophy, and what makes us unique

Our motto pretty much sums up what we stand for:


That means you. Whatever your goals, wishes, strengths or weaknesses are, our only objective is to give you the knowledge, support, guidance and motivation to achieve what you set out to accomplish.

We began as a small studio, and although we have been lucky enough to grow into Brisbane’s premium location, we have no interest in becoming just another commercial mega-gym chain. What makes us special is our ego-free gym culture and our caring, personal touch which is seen through our bullet-proof commitment to our clients and members.

Value focused, not volume focused

We’re not just another gym chain. We are different, for good reason!

Our trainers undergo stringent testing and selection processes before we bring them into the team, and we give them the freedom and independence to run their own sessions the way they know best.

To make sure you stay true to yourself, we draw on our passion, perseverance and years of experience, and keep you on the path to your goal, whatever that may be.

At F1rst Class Fitness, you aren’t just a customer. You’re a member of our community, and that makes you the most important person we know.

First Session Free!

Claim your FREE, no-obligation trial!

Your chance to experience the F1rst Class difference first hand, before you commit to anything. Look out – you’ll likely be hooked after the first five minutes!

Our promise

When you come to F1rst Class Fitness, you can rely on us to fulfil the following promises:

  • To put you first in everything we do
  • To cultivate a friendly, family-like vibe. No intimidation or ego, no waiting for machines, and no judgement. We’re all in it together!
  • Not to offer contracts that will simply get forgotten about
  • To remain competitively priced
  • To only bring in passionate, long-term, capable and qualified fitness professionals
  • To listen to your wants, needs, goals and ideas
  • To always strive to stay abreast of new science, technology and techniques

Your first session’s on us. Let’s get to know each other!