Altitude Training

Simulated High Altitude Training is for fitness beginners, athletes and everyone in between!

At F1rst Class Fitness, we’re glad to say that we are the only Brisbane city gym with a fully equiped Simulated High Altitude Room. More and more people are now learning the benefits of this form of cutting edge training and the results are speaking for themselves… But what is Simulated Altitude Training all about….!?

Training at simulated high altitude, that is altitudes between 2500m and 5000m above sea level, is like legal doping, thanks to its ability to boost the number of oxygen transporting red blood cells in the body. Even if you’ve got only a few weeks to devote to intermittent high altitude exercise exposure, training at a high altitude can trigger physical and mental benefits that will last for several weeks.

The great thing is, even short stints at altitude offer an advantage because the lack of oxygen makes the training feel harder. You can push hard and learn to tolerate greater discomfort without the added stress on your joints and muscles that would result from running faster or farther at sea level. Knowing that F1rst Class Fitness members are often busy, time poor urban folk, simulated high altitude training is the perfect fitness alternative to solve your wants and needs.

However, although hard to believe, the benefits don’t stop there. Due to the elevated stress stimulus, simulated high altitude training can also assist with weight loss and reduction of body fat. For years researchers have been studying the effects of low oxygen training, better known as hypoxic training, and now say that this form of training a few times a week may help you reach your fat loss goals faster.

Our Simulated High Altitude Training Room will help you to:

Improve stamina and endurance

Increase cardiovascular fitness

Improve oxygen efficiency & lactate buffering

Boost muscle power output

Burn fat faster

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