8 Week Challenge – Round 4

Looking for a challenge?

Do you need to kick start your exercise regime for summer? Or, do you just need some extra motivation from the F1rst Class Fitness team of experts to help you maximize results?

Well, if you’re serious about being in the best shape of your life, losing body fat and increasing your functional strength, fitness and energy all in a fun and inclusive group setting, now is the time to start by contacting the famously friendly FCF Team about our next 8 Week Challenge which is running between the following dates:

Starting: Monday, 16th of October
Finishing: Friday, 8th of December

What to expect?

Firstly, the F1rst Class Fitness 8 Week Challenge is like no other challenge you have done before! This is our 4th round challenge and if you have heard the hype, we have become very good at getting the most out of you. Here at F1rst Class Fitness, we’re so proud to say that our 8 Week challenge has helped hundreds of people achieve transformations that are nothing short of extraordinary, but we’re not stopping there. This time, we are adding new features to the challenge that will increase the level of accountability, support and motivation, but most importantly, this 8 Week Challenge will bring you an all-time-high life balance, leaving you reaching your full potential in all aspects.

We start with our Weigh-in Day & Fitness Testing (Friday, 13th October) from 3-6pm This is where we develop a benchmark of your current bodily condition at the cellular level and run you through your paces physically with some exercises designed to find out where your limit is. At F1rst Class Fitness, we don’t like to leave any stone unturned, so we only use the latest in technology to measure your body and how it performs. Please note, as numbers for this challenge are expected to be high, you will need to book in prior to the Weigh-in Day to ensure we can efficiently process all the challengers on the day. Start-up packs and all instructions needed to successfully undertake the challenge will also be issued on this day so it’s important you make it.

Then, starting on Monday the 16th of October, we will get right into it! This is the day our bootcamp sessions start, you will have access to our altitude room, our online support forum will open and the fun begins.

What do I get out of this?

Ok, so here is the best part, and this is why so many people love the F1rst Class Fitness 8 Week Challenge. On top of making some amazing friendships, if you follow our system and immerse yourself in the experience, you will benefit by way of improved energy, digestion and gut health, you will become stronger, leaner & noticeably healthier, you will begin to perform at a much higher level in all aspects of life, your joint mobility will increase, your skin will clear up, your athletic ability and overall level of fitness will improve, but perhaps most importantly, you will feel happier with yourself and about others.

Now to ensure you stay on track and realise these phenomenal results, when you sign up we will give you a calendar of the class schedule. Our advice is to work your day around this timetable, not the other way around.

Also, on the Weigh-in day, we will give you FCF merchandise and treats from Nutrition Warehouse. This is also where you will receive one of your two InBody scans – one at the beginning and one at the end, before and after photos, fitness testing, eight Altitude Training /Group Classes, which you can alternate between the two (1 per week only), and there is…..


When it comes to fitness, rewards really do come in different forms… $1500 in prizes is not usually associated with fitness but we felt that it will be a great incentive to help keep you accountable and reach your real reward, maximum fat loss and good health!

The break-down for prizes are as follows:

  • Body Fat % Winners – Male and Female winner, receives $500 each + $100 Gift voucher for the next challenge? Redeemable by anyone (yourself, friend, colleague or family).
  • My Zone Winner – Overall winner based on MEPS, receives 1 month Unlimited Altitude Access.
  • Fitness Testing Winners – Male and Female winner, receives $100 each + $100 Gift Voucher each.

All prizes are to be issued at the Wrap Up Party where food and drink will be provided.

I need some support or something extra!

  • Online Forum (Exclusive Facebook Group). This is where you can go and discuss your achievements, and challenges. By having a central communication hub, we’re able to support you in real time and guide you through this epic 8-week adventure.
  • Nutrition guidelines and seminars.
  • Personal diet and nutrition plan formulated by a dietician.

I just want to know the price now!

The team at F1rst Class Fitness has worked tirelessly to bring you loads of value with this challenge. Here are our prices:

Existing Members: $380
Non-Members: $380 + $99 FCF Activation Fee


What next…?

Rally your friends and family in preparation for this fitness challenge that offers so much more than any other out there.

The best way to secure a spot is to Click Here right NOW. Challenger places are very limited so get in quickly!