Your goals, your health, your choice. Whatever you want to achieve, whether you’re a seasoned athlete or just starting out, we’ll tailor a 100% customised plan just for you.

We only work with the best of the best. Rest assured that when you choose F1rst Class Fitness, you’re getting an educated, experienced and dedicated Personal Trainer.

Your chance to experience the F1rst Class difference first hand, before you commit to anything. Look out – you’ll likely be hooked after the first five minutes!

Located in the heart of the Brisbane CBD, we’ve created a fitness hub that provides F1rst Class training, equipment and atmosphere, all to best look after you, our Number 1.

Welcome to Brisbane’s only premier, ego-free & un-intimidating gym.

Say goodbye to being nothing more than a number on a swipecard, and say hello to a team of highly qualified, empathetic and approachable fitness professionals who take the time to understand you as a person.

We pride ourselves on being Brisbane’s only ego-free gym environment. We realise how off-putting it can be when a gym is full of showy, sweaty and intimidating folk and it seems like it is part and parcel of almost every gym these days. At Brisbane’s premier gym, our culture doesn’t support those types. We are a community who just like to get in, get fit and go about our day. We have an un-intimidating and inclusive vibe at our gym’s and we love it that way.

With the F1rst Class Fitness family behind you, now is the time to start lookin’ after number 1. With a number of clubs located in Brisbane CBD, specialising in health, fitness and wellbeing for people just like you, we offer a supportive environment that will help you get to where you want to be.

Whether you’re looking for the best Personal Training in Brisbane, a tailored and customised personal Group Fitness class, an InBody Scan to test your body composition, or to force your body to change in ways you never thought possible in our state of the art Altitude Room, F1rst Class Fitness is the place to be.


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Our ‘Famous’ Gyms

Our ‘Famous’ Gyms

Take a look around our beautiful CBD premises Your surroundings play a large part in your motivation and mindset, and we think we owe a lot of our success – not to mention our clients' achievements – to our bright, airy and uplifting gym. Read More

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Since I have trained at FCF, it has re-energized my enthusiasm and I look forward to my training every week. My trainer Sam is always showing attention to my fitness goals, which is reflected by her tailored programs which are pre-planned and varied so no two sessions are the same. Sam pushes me to my…

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